Claudia Savelli is an independent accessory designer, born and raised in Rio de Janeiro.

Since childhood she has always been driven by colors, textures and materials, what led her to several arts and crafts courses. As university she studied architecture and design, and it took her some years as a graphic designer to realize that her greatest vocation was in fashion.

On 2004, right after post-graduations on Jewelry design [a passion since little girl] and Textile Design [her happiest moments while in graphics], Claudia was assigned to coordinate the textile department of the biggest beachwear brand in Brazil, Salinas.

The transition from textile to full time independent accessory designer followed naturally after creating, with swift critical acclaim, conceptual accessories for the SS2007 Salinas's fashion show. Since then, Claudia has signed accessories for many fashion shows of the most prestigious brands in Brazil, including Maria Bonita, Andrea Marques, Melissa, besides Salinas. In SS2013 Tokyo fashion week, she has also collaborated with Matohu. And her accessories started selling in Japan after that.

Claudia's innate manual skills are still very much in evidence in her work, together with the use of colors and unusual/ordinary materials. If on one hand the creation process is very empiric and the forms come out of experimenting with the material, on the other hand she never loses her designer/architect mind. Along the last ten years, Claudia has used a miscellaneous of materials: party balloon, plastic lace towels, iron nails, hair, leather, popsicle sticks, acetate, metal, raffia, paper, natural plants… creating necklaces, bracelets, earrings, hats, masks, shoulder pads, head pieces, belts, knee pads.. Due to their unique character, the designer's conceptual pieces have been seen in many fashion editorials along those years.

Recently, Claudia launched her first commercial collection, using rope as main material in bold and graphic bracelets and necklaces. It has been a great success, not only in sales, but in recognition by the fashion press, which has frequently selected the designer's work as subject for several articles and editorials. With that collection, she was also one of the brazilian brands selling at Le Bon Marché, during the event “Le Brésil Rive Gauche”, on 2013.

Claudia Savelli currently lives and works in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.